Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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    Tuesday, June 14, 2011

    Chairman Wood called to order the regular meeting of the County of Sullivan Industrial Development Agency at approximately 10:01 A.M., which was held in the Legislative Committee Room at the Sullivan County Government Center, Monticello, New York.


    Members Present
    Elwin Wood
    Harris Alport
    Charles Barbuti
    Cindy Garlinghouse (Please note that Ms. Garlinghouse arrived at the meeting at approximately 10:10 A.M.)
    Harold Gold
    Suzanne Loughlin
    Edward Sykes
    Raymond Walter

    Members Absent
    Steve White

    Staff Present
    Jennifer C.S. Brylinski, Exec. Dir.
    Elizabeth A. Hunt, Exec. Assistant

    Staff Absent

    Others Present
    Allan C. Scott, ALSCO Management, Inc. /Consultant /IDA CEO
    Walter F. Garigliano, Esq., Agency Legal Counsel
    Tara Lewis, Garigliano Law Offices
    Luiz Aragon, Commissioner, SC Planning & Environmental Management
    Sam Yasgur, Sullivan County Attorney
    Alan Sorensen, Sullivan County Legislator
    Dan Hust, Sullivan County Democrat
    Leonard Sparks, Times Herald Record
    Cindy Geiger, Sullivan County Resident
    Sonia Hedlund, Sullivan County Resident
    Claudine Luchsinger, Sullivan County Resident
    Dick Riseling, Sullivan County Resident

    Mr. Barbuti made a motion to approve the minutes of the May 10, 2011 regular meeting, the motion was seconded by Mr. Gold, the Board voted and the motion was unanimously carried.

    Mr. Barbuti made a motion to approve the revised schedule of payments, Mr. Gold seconded the motion, the Board voted and the motion was unanimously carried.

    Ms. Brylinski wished to advise the Board of three points:
    – Notice was received by the IDA from Arcadia Aviation that they have ceased operations at the Sullivan County Airport so the project will have to be terminated. Mr. Garigliano commented that the termination paperwork will be forthcoming.
    – The IDA’s new web site will be up and running by approximately July 18th.
    – The application that was submitted to USDA regarding the Rural Micro Entrepreneur Assistance Program in the amount $500,000 is still being processed. Mr. Garigliano reminded the Board that this money would be part grant and part loan.

    Mr. Garigliano advised the Board that Sullivan County issued a Request For Proposal to develop the former Apollo Plaza as well as an additional 75 acres, which was originally earmarked for an addition to the Sullivan County Landfill. The development of these parcels is being referred to as the East Broadway Development. Mr. Garigliano advised that the County approached the IDA to help expedite and facilitate the development of these parcels because it would be less cumbersome for the IDA than the County. Mr. Aragon addressed the Board conveying the importance to Sullivan County of the development of these parcels. Attorney Yasgur advised the Board that for the County to work with potential developers would be multi-layered and a cumbersome process, that’s why the IDA is being asked for their assistance. Mr. Garigliano advised the Board that only very preliminary work has gone into this so far. He did not pursue the matter any further without the approval of the Board. There was some general discussion by the Board and those present regarding, among other things, the PILOT being based on the square footage of the tenants and ownership of the parcels (which would more than likely be in the newly formed Sullivan County Funding Corporation). Mr. Garigliano advised that this whole process is in the very early stages and the many details would need to be worked out. The Board unanimously agreed to move forward with the East Broadway Development project.

    Mr. Garigliano advised that Board that he was contacted by the Concord project last week to advise him of the progress and new prospects of the project. There was some brief discussion regarding the project. Mr. Garigliano advised that before the end of the meeting, a handout regarding the project will be furnished to the Board.

    Mr. Gold addressed the Board by saying that the Millennium Fund Committee (“Committee”) worked very hard on formulating its Recommendations for the use of the Millennium Fund money. The Committee had many ideas and suggestions regarding the funds, but unfortunately could not incorporate them all. Speaking for the Committee, he said that they are very satisfied with the end product. Mr. Garigliano outlined for the Board the recommendations of the Committee which included a Millennium Revolving Loan Fund (“MRLF”), a yearly membership to the Hudson Valley AgriBusiness Development Corporation, the number of members to be on the MRLF, the transfer and allocation of funds currently in the Millennium account and the “buy down” option of the MRLF interest rate. There was some discussion by those present regarding the new MRLF. Ms. Brylinski was to issue a press release and look into making a Business Facebook page for the MRLF. Mr. Garigliano then passed out to the Board a resolution accepting the Report and Recommendations of the Committee; creating the MRLF; adopting Policy Guidelines for the MRLF and authorizing the distribution of the grant proceeds. On a motion by Mr. Sykes, seconded by Mr. Gold, the Board voted and the resolution was unanimously passed. Chairman Wood then appointed Mr. Gold and Mr. Alport to the MRLF Committee, with Mr. Sykes being an alternate member.

    Mr. Barbuti wished to thank Ms. Brylinski and Ms. Hunt for their hard work in making the annual audit again run smoothly.

    Mr. Garigliano passed out to the Board a resolution authorizing the addition of an approximately 2,160 square foot modular office building to the Centre One Development LLC project as well as authorizing the execution and delivery of an Omnibus Amendment to Project Documents. On a motion by Ms. Loughlin, seconded by Mr. Barbuti, the Board voted and the resolution was unanimously passed.

    Mr. Garigliano passed out to the Board a resolution to providing funding to the Partnership for Economic Development for the second quarter of 2011. On a motion by Mr. Alport, seconded by Mr. Gold, the Board voted, with Ms. Loughlin abstaining from the vote, and the resolution was passed.

    Ms. Brylinski passed out to the Board information regarding the Concord Resort as discussed earlier in the meeting.

    Chairman Wood asked if there was any public comment.

    Ms. Hedlund asked when people could start sending in applications for the MRLF and when was the deadline. The reply was that there is no time frame, interested individuals could submit applications immediately and there is no deadline. Ms. Hedlund also offered to list the information about the MRLF in her newsletter. The Board thanked her.

    Ms. Hedlund asked for an update of the Red Meat Processing Facility and the status of the cheese mobile. Ms. Hedlund was advised to speak to Mr. Aragon regarding the cheese mobile. Regarding the Red Meat Processing Facility, Mr. Garigliano advised that the engineers are in the processing of digitizing the aerial photos that were recently taken.

    Ms. Luchsinger inquired as to what the interest rate was on the MRLF.

    Ms. Luchsinger questioned the details of the East Broadway Development project. Mr. Garigliano advised her that as previously stated in the meeting, the Board just gave the “go ahead” to move forward with the project and the details will now have to be worked out.

    Ms. Luchsinger made a general comment regarding taxes in Sullivan County.

    There being no further business or public comment, on a motion by Mr. Barbuti, seconded by Mr. Gold, the Board voted and the meeting was adjourned at approximately 10:47 A.M.

    Respectfully submitted:
    Elizabeth A. Hunt
    Executive Assistant

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