April 8, 2014 – Regular Meeting Minutes


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    Tuesday, April 8, 2014


    Chairman Steingart called to order the regular meeting of the     County of Sullivan Industrial Development Agency at approximately      10:12 am, held in the Legislative Committee Room at the Sullivan           County Government Center, Monticello, New York.


    Members Present-                              Members Absent-

    Ira Steingart                                         None

    Edward Sykes

    Sandy Shaddock

    Suzanne Loughlin

    Steve White

    Charles Barbuti

    Sean Rieber (exited the meeting 11:15 am)

    Carol Roig

    Howard Siegel

    Staff Present-                                             Staff Absent-

    Jennifer C.S. Brylinski, Exec. Director         None

    Jen Flad, VP Business Development


    Others Present-

    Allan C. Scott, ALSCO Management, Inc. /Consultant /IDA CEO

    Walter F. Garigliano, Esq., Agency Legal Counsel

    Scott Samuelson, SC Legislature

    Cindy Kurpil Gieger, SC Legislature

    Gene Benson, SC Legislature

    Alan Sorensen, SC Legislature

    Cora Edwards, SC Legislature

    Kitty Vetter, SC Legislature

    Marc Baez, SC Partnership for Economic Development

    Dan Hust, Sullivan County Democrat

    Fritz Mayer, River Reporter

    Steven Vegliante, Glen Wild Industrial, LLC

    Ken Walter

    Jody Tedaldi

    Star Hesse

    Bruce Ferguson

    Dick Riseling

    Not all attendees were present for the entire meeting.


                Mr. Rieber made a motion to approve the minutes of the February 28, 2014 special meeting and the March 18, 2014 reconvened meeting.  The motion was seconded by Ms. Loughlin, the Board voted and the motion was unanimously carried.


    Mr. Sykes made a motion to approve the revised schedule of payments.  Ms. Shaddock seconded the motion.  The Board voted and the motion was unanimously carried.


                Ms. Brylinski informed the Board that all anticipated PILOT payments have now been received and disbursed.  She continued that for both SCFC and IDA, all Public Authorities Reporting Information System (PARIS) reports have been submitted.  In addition to the online PARIS reports, she has submitted paper annual reports and audit reports to the appropriate agencies, and made required updates to the IDA and SCFC websites.  She advised that new computers have been ordered for the IDA office.

    Mr. Scott reported that he continues to meet with a potential project that includes commercial, office and retail aspects, as well as workforce housing.  He has attended Sullivan County Casino Subcommittee meetings, and presentations by applicants seeking casino gaming licenses.   He continues to work with various local agencies to address the needs of Sutphen East.  He has been working to facilitate the Apple’s Small Engine Repair loan application that will be discussed today.  He and Ms. Flad will make a presentation to the Bethel Town Board on April 9, and to the Fallsburg Town Board on April 28.

    Mr. Rieber, Mr. Scott and Mr. Baez discussed ongoing collaboration between the IDA and the Partnership for Economic Development to facilitate loan activity, and coordination with the Chamber of Commerce to continue assisting businesses as they grow and develop.

    VI.       OLD BUSINESS

    Chairman Steingart began a discussion of the annual review of IDA officers and committee members.  Mr. Siegel made  a motion to approve the following slate of officers: Ira Steingart, Chairman; Ed Sykes, Vice Chairman; Suzy Loughlin, Secretary; Sean Rieber, Assistant Secretary; Charles Barbuti, Treasurer; and Sandy Shaddock, Assistant Treasurer.  The motion was seconded by Mr. White, the Board voted and the motion was unanimously carried.

    Chairman Steingart advised that he will make committee appointments before the next meeting.

    Attorney Garigliano advised that he has received pleadings on the Frontier litigation, so there is a need for an executive session today to discuss this matter.  It was determined that the Board would enter executive session at the end of the meeting.


                Chairman Steingart gave an update on the Food Hub project.  He advised that the IDA’s request for funding from the Sullivan County Legislature moved through the Legislature’s Executive Committee but was tabled by the full Board.  He continued that he plans to meet with the proposed operator in the near future to discuss their preference with regard to project location.

    With regard to the Red Meat Processing Facility, Chairman Steingart and Attorney Garigliano advised that the architects have completed the building plan, and that site engineering continues to progress.  Attorney Garigliano stated that the Agency contemplates four separate contracts: one for the site work, which has already been let and is underway; one for the building general contractor; one for mechanical, electrical, plumbing and HVAC work; and one for coolers and freezers.

    Chairman Steingart asked if there was any public comment.

                Star Hesse stated that she is pleased the IDA is exploring alternate locations for the food hub, as suggested by the County of Sullivan.  She continued that she hopes the County will also look at alternate locations for other IDA projects as well.

    Ken Walter discussed various USDA requirements with regard to red meat processing.  He also expressed his concern that the operator has not been identified and brought into the design process.  On the subject of the food hub, he expressed his support for the project and noted that the Town of Wawarsing, with its longer growing season, would be an excellent location for the facility.  This would reduce the cost to Sullivan County.  He noted that this discussion would not be had if the IDA had not approached the County Legislature for funding for the project.  On the subject of EPT Concord II, LLC, he expressed concern that the original plan has been scaled back and advised that there should be no tax abatements for any casino projects.

    Legislator Cindy Gieger stated that a regional approach is the best approach for a food hub.  She stated that any agency approaching the County for funding should provide certain information before making such a request for funding.  She stated that there is another food hub effort in the western end of the County and expressed concern that there is not coordination between the two efforts.  She expressed concern about the project site in Glen Wild and the owner of the project site.  She asked for a fully vetted discussion with the agricultural community and with the other food hub project.

    Ms. Brylinski stated that IDA staff has responded to all information requests received and attended all meetings as requested.

    Andrea Reynosa stated that she and Jennifer Grossman of the Solution Project are taking a watershed approach to food hub development, centered on the Narrowsburg School.  She  expressed a desire to partner with the IDA on food hub development.

    Bruce Ferguson stated that if the food hub is to serve the agricultural community, the IDA must work with the farmers.  He stated that in speaking with Andrea Reynosa he was told that she had no notion that the IDA was working on a project of its own.

    Legislator Sorensen requested information on the other sites that were explored for the food hub.  He suggested that the Board invite Ginsberg’s Foods to make a presentation regarding its plan and preferred location.  He added that the process must be transparent.

    Jody Tedaldi stated that she lives on Wild Turnpike, where the proposed project site is located.  She stated that it is a country road in a recreational area end expressed concerns about possible access and traffic issues associated with the food hub.

    Attorney Steven Vegliante spoke on behalf of Glen Wild Industrial LLC, the owner of the proposed project site on Wild Turnpike.  He noted that the site is a fully approved industrial park, and was zoned industrial when it was approved.  He noted that some zoning maps show the parcel zoned residential, but in his research he has found no record of the zoning changing from industrial to residential. He added that the site requires a simple subdivision in order to be shovel ready. He asked the Board to consider all costs associated with changing the project location, including master planning the site, drainage plans, water and septic, subdivision costs and other costs. He asked that the Board consider all of the advantages of the proposed Wild Turnpike site and leave politics aside.

    Legislator Cora Edwards stated that the County should require a standard application form for use by agencies requesting funds from the County Legislature.  Until that happens, the discussion surrounding requests like this will become political in nature.

    There was more discussion among Legislator Alan Sorensen, Legislator Kitty Vetter, Attorney Garigliano and Mr. Vegliante regarding the zoning of the parcel and the property assessment.  Recent information from the building inspector showing the zoning as REC-1 conflicts with all documents surrounding the initial review and approval of the industrial park. He also noted that the proposed use is allowed in either the Industrial or REC-1 zoning district.

    Ms. Brylinski and Chairman Steingart noted that the IDA has spent countless hours and much effort to develop the food hub project, and to raise the necessary funding from various outside sources, as well as committing its own cash resources.

    Bruce Ferguson commented on the value of the site owned by Glen Wild Industrial LLC and the taxes on the property.

    Chairman Steingart pointed out that the request for County funding was not for the purchase of the Glen Wild Industrial LLC property; rather, it was to fill a funding gap in the overall project budget.

    Mr. Rieber made a motion to go into executive session to discuss pending litigation, the motion was seconded by Mr. Sykes, the Board voted and the motion was carried. Note that Ms. Loughlin had previously disclosed her past involvement with Frontier, and recused herself from any discussion of this matter.  Ms. Loughlin left the room and was not present during the discussion of Frontier.  The Board went into executive session at approximately 11:07 am.

    On a motion made by Mr. Sykes, seconded by Mr. Barbuti, the Board came out of executive session at approximately 11:23 am.


    On a motion made by Mr. Barbuti and seconded by Mr. White, at approximately 11:24 am the meeting was adjourned.            

    Respectfully submitted:

    Jen Flad

    IDA VP, Business Development


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