August 13, 2013 Meeting Minutes

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    Tuesday, August 13, 2013

    I.         CALL TO ORDER

    Vice Chairman Gold called to order the regular meeting of the County of Sullivan Industrial Development Agency at approximately 10:08 A.M., which was held in the Legislative Hearing Room at the Sullivan County Government Center, Monticello, New York.  

    II.       ROLL CALL

    Members Present-                               Members Absent-

    Ira Steingart (arrived 10:13 am)                Suzanne Loughlin

    Charles Barbuti                                     

    Harris Alport                                        

    Sandy Shaddock                                   

    Harold Gold                                          

    Sean Rieber

    Edward Sykes

    Steve White                  

    Staff Present-                                                          Staff Absent-

    Jennifer C.S. Brylinski, Exec. Director                   None

    Jen Flad, VP Business Development  

    Others Present-

    Allan C. Scott, ALSCO Management, Inc. /Consultant /IDA CEO

    Walter F. Garigliano, Esq., Agency Legal Counsel    

    Tara Lewis, Garigliano Law Offices

    Jill Weyer, SC Planning & Environmental Management

    Star Hesse

    Ken Walter

    Dan Hust, SC Democrat

    Scott Samuelson, SC Legislature

    Cindy Gieger, SC Legislature

    Gene Benson, SC Legislature

    Cora Edwards, SC Legislature

    Please be advised that not all attendees were present for the entire        meeting. 


    Mr. Rieber made a motion to approve the minutes of the July 9, 2013 regular meeting.  Ms. Shaddock seconded the motion, the Board voted and the motion was unanimously carried. 


    Mr. Sykes made a motion to approve the revised schedule of payments, the motion was seconded by Mr. Alport, the Board voted and the motion was unanimously carried. 


              Jennifer Brylinski

    Ms. Brylinski inquired about the status of the Food Hub CFA  application. Attorney Garigliano responded that it had been   completed and submitted.          

    Ms. Brylinski advised that PTNY has paid the full amount due to the IDA under their PILOT agreement.  Mr. Garigliano added that the Board had adopted a resolution authorizing installment payments, but PTNY ultimately chose to pay the full amount in one payment.  

    Ms. Brylinski continued that Poley Paving has made their first installment payment of $5,000, and that the next installment is not yet due.  Attorney Garigliano added that the next installment is due on August 15, and he will finalize the PILOT mortgage document contingent upon their timely payment of the August 15 installment. 

    Ms. Brylinski noted that staff have begun working on the 2014 budget, which must be submitted to the NYS Authorities Budget  Office by November 1.  She expects to have draft budget documents ready for the Board’s review at the September meeting.

    Regarding the red meat facility, Ms. Brylinski stated that a new advisory group has been convened. Ms. Flad continued that, at the request of Chairman Steingart, seven individuals have agreed to participate in this advisory group, which will make recommendations to the IDA as we draft the request for proposals for a facility operator.  The group will have its first meeting on Friday, August 16.  Group members include Jennifer Grossman (Natural Resources Defense Council); Andy Hahn (local livestock producer); Richard Winter (local livestock producer); Thomas Burnham (Center for Discovery); Gerald Skoda (agricultural consultant); Greg Sandor (CCE-Sullivan County); and Dean Koplik (Murray’s Chicken).  Attorney Garigliano continued that these are experts well qualified to help us draft the RFP. 

    At this point, Chairman Steingart entered and began to chair the meeting.         

    Ms. Brylinski inquired whether Attorney Garigliano had any updates regarding Rolling V.  Attorney Garigliano explained that, because of a decline in property values, Rolling V will need to add additional collateral to preserve their loan to value ratio and have their mortgage refinanced.  They may request IDA approval of the refinance in the near future. 

              Allan Scott

    Mr. Scott stated that he has worked with two manufacturing projects, two tourism destination projects, and the relocation of an existing distribution business to Sullivan County.  He continues to work with the Partnership to develop an incentive package to retain Sutphen East.  He stated that the IDA has met with SUNY Sullivan to discuss possible IDA incentives to enhance the Governor’s StartUp NY program.  He stated that he continues to respond to inquiries regarding IDA packages and loans.  He and Ms. Flad met with the Association of Supervisors and pledged to begin a new round of visits with individual town boards, to present and discuss IDA programs and incentives. He is also working to familiarize Ms. Flad with the IDA’s investments, as part of her role as IDA CFO.    


    The Board discussed the proposed assignment of the Centre One Development Project.  Attorney Garigliano stated that Centre One Development, LLC plans to request permission from the IDA to sell their property and transfer the project to a different entity, Center One Development, LLC.  The Board can expect this request after the summer season. 

    Chairman Steingart asked if there was any public comment.

    Legislator Edwards stated that there will be a meeting of the Mid-Hudson Regional Economic Development Council on Wednesday, August 14 at SUNY Sullivan.  The public portion of the meeting will begin at 11:30 am and all are encouraged to attend. 

    Star Hesse inquired whether the Board had received her letter regarding humane slaughter and whether the Board had considered requesting that AWA (Animal Welfare Approved) make a presentation regarding their certification process and standards.  Chairman Steingart replied that the IDA has worked to incorporate Grandin livestock handling standards into the plan, at the urging of Ms. Hesse, but that the IDA cannot build a facility that meets all AWA requirements, because AWA certification is a birth-to-slaughter certification.  However, the IDA’s advisory group of experts will help us create the request for proposals for an operator.  A discussion of AWA certification, local producers’ production and marketing preferences, and the IDA’s role in the project followed.  Legislator Gieger stated the importance of humane certifications for marketing purposes, and Attorney Garigliano replied that potential operators will propose business models that are economically profitable, and these might include various humane standards and certifications.  Chairman Steingart stated that he will share Ms. Hesse’s letter regarding AWA with the advisory group for their consideration as they are the experts appointed to help craft the RFP. 

    Ken Walter commented that a plant that is certified humane can also process meats that are not raised on certified humane farms, to accommodate the needs and production methods of many types of producers. 

    VI.       OLD BUSINESS

    Attorney Garigliano stated that he has prepared a draft Combined Audit Response and Corrective Action Plan for the Board’s review and approval.  Due to the confidential and draft nature of the NYS Comptroller’s Audit Report and the Board’s response, Chairman Steingart suggested that the Board call an executive session to discuss details and approval of the response. 

                Ms. Shaddock made a motion to go into executive session, the motion was seconded by Mr. Sykes, the Board voted and the motion was unanimously carried.  The Board went into executive session at approximately 10:40 am. 

               On a motion made by Mr. Sykes, seconded by Mr. Rieber,  the Board came out of executive session at approximately 11:13 am. 

    On a motion from Mr. Alport, seconded by Mr. Sykes, the Board voted and unanimously approved the Combined Audit Response and Corrective Action Plan. 


    On a motion by Mr. Barbuti, seconded by Mr. Rieber, the Board voted and the meeting was adjourned at approximately 11:30 am. 

    Respectfully submitted:
    Jen Flad
    IDA VP Business Development


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