February 12, 2014 – Reconvened Meeting Minutes

    One Cablevision Center
    Ferndale, New York 12734
    (845) 295-2603 – telephone
    (845) 295-2604 – fax 

    Wednesday, February 12, 2014 

    I.         CALL TO ORDER

    Chairman Steingart called to order the reconvened meeting of the County of Sullivan Industrial Development Agency at approximately 11:00 A.M., which was held in the Southern Tier Building, 548 Broadway, Monticello, New York.  All requirements to hold the reconvened meeting had been met.

    II.       ROLL CALL

    Members Present-                              Members Absent-

    Ira Steingart                                          None

    Edward Sykes

    Sean Rieber

    Steve White

    Charles Barbuti

    Sandy Shaddock

    Suzanne Loughlin

    Staff Present-                                             Staff Absent-

    Jennifer C.S. Brylinski, Exec. Director         Jen Flad, VP Business Development

    Others Present-

    Walter F. Garigliano, Esq., Agency Legal Counsel

    Allan Scott, IDA CEO, Consultant

    Paul Carlucci, Villa Roma (arrived approximately 11:10 AM and left approximately 11:20 AM)


    Attorney Garigliano handed out a resolution regarding the first amendment to the PILOT with respect to the Villa Roma.  Mr. Garigliano explained that the purpose of the resolution is to rectify a situation where in 2014 the Villa Roma would be paying more with their PILOT then if the IDA was not involved.  This was being caused by the delay of a reassessment of the property by the Town of Delaware.

    Ms. Loughlin made a motion to approve the resolution; the motion was seconded by Mr. Barbuti.  The Board voted, with Mr. Sykes abstaining because he is Supervisor in that Town, and the resolution was unanimously approved.

    At this point Mr. Carlucci, President of the Villa Roma, arrived.  He wanted to be there to answer any question of the Board, and to question the Board about the possibility of further amending the PILOT agreement.  Mr. Garigliano and the Board stated that the resolution approved today was the extent of any amendments, and thanked Mr. Carlucci for his worthwhile project.

    The Board went into Private Session at approximately 11:20 AM, as allowed by the New York State Comptroller’s Office / Authority Budget Office, to discuss the Board’s Self Evaluation forms.

    At approximately 12:30 PM, the Board came out of Private Session.


    There being no public for comment and no further discussion by the Board, on a motion by Mr. White and seconded by Mr. Barbuti, at approximately 12:30 PM the meeting was recessed until Friday, February 21, 2014, at 10:00 AM, in the Government Center, 100 North Street, Monticello, New York.

    Respectfully submitted:
    Jennifer CS Brylinski
    Executive Director



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