Performance Measurements

    Performance Measurements
    For FY 2010

    Name of Public Authority:
    County of Sullivan Industrial Development Agency

    Public Authority’s Mission Statement:

    The County of Sullivan Industrial Development Agency (IDA) was created by an act of the New York State Legislature in 1970, as a public benefit corporation of the State of New York, under Section 906 of the General Municipal Law, to grant tax abatements and to help advance such projects.

    Industrial development agencies were created in New York State to attract and enhance industrial and economic development, help create jobs and maintain economic stability within municipal or regional boundaries.  Because New York’s Constitution prohibits municipalities from making gifts or loans to private companies or individuals, the creation of IDAs provided a viable mechanism to accomplish commercial, recreational, and industrial development goals.  Support of a healthy economy, the creation and retention of jobs, on a local, regional and State level is an important policy objective.

    The County of Sullivan Industrial Development Agency’s primary goal is to promote economic welfare, recreation opportunities, prevent unemployment and economic deterioration, ensure the prosperity of Sullivan County’s inhabitants, and promote tourism and trade.

    Date Adopted:  1970, readopted February 8, 2011
    List of Performance Goals (If additional space is needed, please attach):
    •    To meet all legal requirements of the Agency.
    •    To review project employment goals and the achievement of those goals.
    •    To make decisions consistent with the Agency’s mission statement.
    •    To make decisions that will promote and ensure the prosperity of the inhabitants of Sullivan County.

    Additional questions:
    1.    Have the board members acknowledged that they have read and understood the mission of the public authority?   Yes.

    2.    Who has the power to appoint the management of the public authority? Currently Sullivan County government appoints the Agency’s COO and the County of Sullivan IDA Board Members appoint the Agency’s CEO.  The Agency’s COO appoints the CFO.

    3.    If the Board appoints management, do you have a policy you follow when appointing the management of the public authority?  The IDA Board approves a contract with its CEO.

    4.    Briefly describe the role of the Board and the role of management in the implementation of the mission.  Management is expected to bring applicants through the application process, keep the Board apprised of its actions, respond to public inquiries, and meet all the administrative and legal requirements of the Agency.  The Board is expected to understand and direct the mission of the Agency, to exercise appropriate oversight of management, to be knowledgeable about its projects and programs, and to make decisions that are arrived at through independent judgment and deliberation.
    5.    Has the Board acknowledged that they have read and understood the responses to each of these questions?   Yes.

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