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    Public Hearing Date:
    Monday, August 25, 2014, at 6 PM.

    Sullivan County Government Center, 100 North Street, Legislative Hearing Room, Monticello, New York.

    Attendees:  See attached list at end of minutes.

    Time Started: 6:10 PM.

    IDA Executive Director Jennifer Brylinski welcomed the attendees and read a summary of the Public Notice regarding the public hearing.  She noted that the public hearing was being conducted in accordance with all applicable laws.

    Brian Cappelli, of the Cappelli Organization, presented the attendees with a short power point presentation about the Mohegan Sun project.  Highlights of the presentation included other projects completed by the company, exterior and interior plans of the project, and the economic impact of the project on the County.

    Fred Stabbert, Chairman of the Sullivan County Partnership for Economic Development and publisher of Catskill-Delaware Publications, read a letter he prepared in support of the project and the IDA assistance.  A copy of that letter is attached.

    Marc Baez, President of the Partnership, said that the numbers speak for themselves.  The project will have a big positive impact on the County and the prospects for spin-off and growth are extraordinary.  The Partnership wholeheartedly supports the project and the benefits that the IDA is considering.

    Greg Goldstein, owner of Misner Insurance Agency, read a letter he prepared in support of the project and the IDA assistance.  A copy of that letter is attached.

    Harris Alport, past IDA Board member, read a letter he prepared in support of the project and the IDA assistance.  A copy of that letter is attached.

    Dr. Karin Hilgersom, President of the Sullivan County Community College, stated that SUNY Sullivan looks forward to working with the project, especially with its hospitality program.  This project is integral to the college’s growth plans, especially the potential of increased enrollment numbers because of new jobs generated and an increased quality of life.  Increased enrollment means more State dollars, more Federal dollars, and more tuition dollars.  The current students are vibrant, and the school looks forward to the new enrollment potential as a result of this project.  The college supports the project.

    Jerry Skoda, owner of Skoda Enterprise Inc., read a letter he prepared in support of the project and the IDA assistance.  A copy of that letter is attached.

    Craig Passante, owner of Holiday Mountain Ski and Fun Park, stated that he has owned the business for over a decade and has seen his business decline.  He envisions the casinos as the draw that will revitalize the County.  He supports the project and the proposed IDA assistance.

    Roberta Byron-Lockwood, President of the Sullivan County Visitors Association, read a letter she prepared in support of the project and the IDA assistance.  A copy of that letter is attached.  Ms. Lockwood also had with her a letter from Franklin Trapp, producer at The Forestburgh Playhouse, in support of the project, and she read that letter.  A copy of that letter is attached.

    Shirley Felder, owner of Sullivan County First Recycling & Refuse, Inc., said that one must think about the quality of life in Sullivan County.  Kids need to dream of staying and prospering in the County, and that is not happening right now.  Ms. Felder stated that her mother worked at the hotels in the past and that good work opportunities should again be available for the local people.  She urged the attendees to think about what is needed for the County to make that positive change.  Improvements in opportunities need to be brought in.  Cappelli/Mohegan Sun is a reliable company that is in it for the long haul.  This project will have a major impact on the County’s quality of life.  This could be a place where young people get a hand up, not just a hand out.

    Ken Walter, Sullivan County resident, stated that he supports the impressive project, but has issues with the IDA tax abatement process.  He feels that a decision is usually made by the Board prior to receiving any public comment.  He did not like the cost benefit analysis and would like to see another public hearing on the project.

    Judy Siegel, broker/owner of Catskills Buyer Agency and Sullivan County native, stated that the future of the County looks scary without the casinos.  She would like her family to stay in the area, but the future looks bleak without increased economic development.  This project would provide the needed stimulus.  She supports the project and IDA involvement.

    Ira Steingart, IDA Chairman and Sullivan County Legislator, thanked the attendees and the Cappelli Organization for coming to tonight’s meeting.  He stated that the IDA does all its required due diligence and more, and that the comments made tonight will be brought to the full IDA Board for consideration.  He praised the work of the IDA and the project to come up with an agreement that will both make the project successful and be a benefit to the local jurisdictions.

    Public Hearing ended at 7:20 PM.

    Jennifer CS Brylinski
    Executive Director
    County of Sullivan IDA








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