Resolutions: July 11, 2022

    Resolution: Appointing NY Liberty II, LLC as Agent of the Agency for the Purpose of Constructing the Project (Hereinafter Defined); Making Certain Findings and Determinations with Respect to the Project; and Authorizing the Execution and Delivery of an Agent and Project Agreement Between the Agency and the Company; Authorizing the Agency to Execute a Lease to Agency, Leaseback to Company, Payment in Lieu of Tax Agreement and Related Documents with Respect to the Construction of the Project

    Resolution: (I) Authorizing Acceptance of the Amendment of the Application for Agency Benefits Dated March 15, 2022 Submitted by FSH Lodge at Neversink, LLC and 7491 State Route 55 Property Co., LLC; (II) Amending Agency Resolution No. 15-22 Adopted on April 11, 2022; (III) Authorizing Amendment of the Agent and Project Agreement Dated June 1, 2022; and (IV) Authorizing Execution and Delivery of One or More Mortgages to Secure a Loan from Walden Savings Bank in the Original Amount Not to Exceed $7,750,000 Relating to the Company’s Project

    Resolution: Extending the Sales Tax Abatement Period for the Catskill Hospitality Holding, LLC and Catskill Hospitality Operating, LLC Project from August 1, 2022 Through and Including January 31, 2023

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