Resolutions: May 16, 2022

    Resolution: Appointing Fay Hospitality Catskills LLC as Agent of the Agency for the Purpose of Acquiring, Renovating, Rehabilitating, Installing and Equipping the Project (Hereinafter Defined); Making Certain Findings and Determinations with Respect to the Project; and Authorizing the Execution and Delivery of an Agent and Project Agreement Between the Agency and the Company; Authorizing the Agency to Execute the Lease to Agency, Leaseback to Company, Payment in Lieu of Tax Agreement, and Related Documents with Respect to the Acquisition, Renovation, Rehabilitation, Installation and Equipping of the Project

    Resolution: (I) Authorizing Execution of a First Amended Lease Subordination Agreement (“FALSA”) in Favor of The Bancorp Bank (“Bancorp”) and Empire State Certified Development Corporation (“ESCDC”) in Connection with Financing of the Catskill Hospitality Holding LLC(“CHH”) and Catskill Hospitality Operating LLC (“CHO” and Together with CHH, Collectively, the “Company”) Project; and (II) Authorizing the Chairperson or Executive Director to Execute and Deliver the FALSA and all Related Documents Necessary to Effectuate the Foregoing

    Resolution: Authorizing the Execution and Delivery of One or More Mortgages to Secure a Loan from M&T Bank in the Original Principal Amount of $3,100,000 Relating to the SVG 26 LLC Project

    Resolution: Approving a Lease/Leaseback Transaction Between The Center For Discovery, Inc. (“Company”) and the Agency Related to Nineteen (19) Parcels of Real Property as Further Described Herein and Authorizing the Agency to Execute and Deliver One or More Mortgages in Favor of TD Bank Securing a Loan to the Company in an Original Principal Amount Not to Exceed Nine Million Fifty Thousand ($9,050,000) Dollars

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