2011 Procurement Report




  1. Does the Authority have procurement guidelines?   YES
  2. Are the procurement guidelines reviewed annually, amended as needed, and approved by the Board?   YES
  3. Does the Authority allow for exceptions to the procurement guidelines?  YES
  4. Does the Authority assign credit cards to employees for travel and/or business purchases?   YES
  5. Does the Authority require prospective bidders to sign a non-collusion agreement?  NO
  6. Does the Authority incorporate a summary of its procurement policies and prohibitions in its solicitations of proposals, bid documents, or specifications for procurement contracts?  YES
  7. Did the Authority designate a person to serve as the authorized contact on a specific procurement, in accordance with Section 139-j (2) (a) of the State Finance Law, “The Procurement Lobbying Act”?  YES
  8. Did the Authority determine that a vendor had impermissible contact during a procurement or attempted to influence the procurement during the reporting period, in accordance with Section 139-j (10) of the State Finance Law?  NO
  9. Does the Authority have a process to review and investigate allegations of impermissible contact during a procurement, and to impose sanctions in instances where violations have occurred, in accordance with Section 139-j (9) of the State Finance Law?  YES

The Authority had no procurement transactions for the reporting period.


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